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What happens at a ghusl should stay there

Mumtaz Moosa |
22 September 2023 | 08:00 CAT
1 min read

Photo Credit: MJC

When a person passes away, their close family or relatives are there to perform the ghusl or ritual bathing of the dead. The bath is done according to the rules of Shariah, and an important criterion is to ensure that those who perform the ritual ensure that they maintain the person’s dignity by keeping any details confidential.

In a recent post that went viral on social media, details of the deceased were revealed. Of course, a spirited debate followed and significant lessons emerged.

 The first and obvious lesson was that there are better ways to share information, and it should only be that which is beneficial and relevant. Secondly, we must remember that the person is someone’s’s family member or someone’s parent or child, who is dealing with the emotional trauma.

Whenever we hear of a death, it should be a reminder that life is never guaranteed. You are here today, tomorrow, you could be gone. May Allah grant us all a righteous departure from this world.

Sharing information on social media should be done with caution, and only that which is beneficial should be shared. When discussing death and the deceased, ensure that the grieving family is taken into consideration.

Ghusl is a reminder and a lesson to us that we are only travellers in this world.

It has been reported Nabi Muhammed (PBUH) sa”d, “Whosoever gives Ghusl to a deceased and conceals his defects, forty of his major sins will be forgiven.” 



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