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Why New Resolutions so Often Fail – Part 2

Jan 13, 2022

Making the resolutions is not the hardest job in the world, it’s getting down to it, and then remaining steadfast that can be really challenging.

Statistics show that more than eighty percent of new resolutions fail and that most of them won`t even see past January. These stats are very shocking and can be very disheartening and disappointing for the person who really wants to get down to doing something.

So let`s look at why many resolutions fail and why the odds are so high against any success.

You’re Treating a Marathon Like a Sprint
Slow and steady habit change might not be your game, but it’s a lot more effective than the “I want it ALL and I want it NOW!” mentality. Small changes stick better because they aren’t intimidating (if you do it right, you’ll barely even notice them!).

If you have a lot of bad habits today, the last thing you need to do is remodel your entire life overnight. Want to lose weight? Stop it with the crash diets and excessive exercise plans.

Instead of following a super restrictive plan that bans anything fun, add one positive habit per week. For example, you could start with something easy like drinking more water during your first week.

The following week, you could move on to eating 3 fruits and veggies every day. And the next week, you could aim to eat a fistful of protein at every meal.

You Put the Cart Before the Horse
It doesn’t mean that if it worked for someone else it`s guaranteed to work for you. Focus on the actions that produce the overwhelming amount of results. If it’s not important, don’t worry about it.

You Don’t Believe in Yourself
A failure to act can cripple you before you leave the starting line. If you’ve tried (and failed) to set a New Year’s resolution (or several) in the past, I know it might be hard to believe in yourself.
Doubt is a nagging voice in your head that will resist personal growth with every ounce of its being.
The only way to defeat doubt is to believe in yourself. Who cares if you’ve failed a time or two? This year, you can try again (but better this time).

Too Much Thinking, Not Enough Doing
The best self-help book in the world can’t save you if you fail to take action.
“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.”
Yes, seek inspiration and knowledge, but only as much as you can realistically apply to your life. If you can put just one thing you learn from every book or article you read into practice, you’ll be on the fast track to success.

You’re in Too Much of A Hurry
If it was quick-and-easy, everybody would do it, so it’s in your best interest to exercise your patience muscles.


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