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You may never know the effect your words have on others

Mumtaz Moosa | mumtazs@me.com
03 January 2023 | 23:36 PM CAT
1 min read

Photo Credit: DreamsTime

Many people get annoyed when a random stranger sparks a conversation and shares some of their thoughts or life. Some strangers tend to overshare, but there might be a reason, and it’s at times like these you reach to take up the opportunity that Allah has put forth for you.

I live in an area where there are many older adults, and most of the time, I end up in random conversations with strangers. Initially, I usually got annoyed by this as I was in a rush. But randomly, one Saturday at an entertainment area, an elderly lady came to chat with me; my family just looked on as I conversed.

This lady told me that she lives alone, and for the first time, she has come to Johannesburg to spend time with her family and her grandchildren. At her age, she never thought she would play arcade games, but here she was, having the time of her life. Towards the end of the conversation, she thanked me and told me that she didn’t have any friends as most had passed, and sometimes, she wanted to share her happiness.

This made me rethink why I felt annoyed and realised that my words and kindness might be small to me, but it makes a huge difference to someone else.

The words we use and how we conduct ourselves are stressed so much in Islam, and without knowing, you can make someone’s day with the words you choose.

How many of us brush off people or assume they only talk to us because they want money or have motives?

Our words can make a difference, and as Muslims, we are taught that the best is the one who makes salaam first. So next time someone makes salaam, reply to them sincerely and allow the reward; if money or help is asked, and you can’t help, say I’m sorry, but I’m not in the position to help, that’s all.


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