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Your ultimate guide to keeping safe while travelling this December

Dec 01, 2021

By Naseerah Nanabhai

Often regarded as the most exciting time of the year, December brings with it long, luminous summer days and the embodiment of respite. While we eagerly await this time of year to break away from our routine and travel to a new place or relax and unwind at home, safety and diligence should be prioritised in all activities. Most importantly, those who choose to travel need to keep themselves and others around them safe.

Even without an ongoing pandemic, travelling has its strains and challenges. We have put together a list of tips to keep safe while travelling:

Wear your mask correctly: everyone knows how important it is to keep your mask on at all times, but there is no point if it is not worn correctly. Make sure it fully covers your nose and mouth, and be very careful when you remove it. For long flights, change your mask every few hours and wash your hands after.

Plan activities that limit contact: it is a good idea to research the place and activities that allow for minimal contact. If you are using equipment during activities, make sure it is sanitised for you before use.

Use technology to your advantage: nowadays, boarding passes can be downloaded and used digitally with the QR code. Try to make use of this and digital hotel-room keys that some hotels now allow.

Arrive early: to avoid congestion at flight check-in and the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint arrive early. By doing so, you might have shorter queues to stand in and thus limit your contact with other people.

Don’t let down your guard: while on holiday, you might become too relaxed and neglect some protocols, but make sure you adhere to all of them for your safety and those around you.

While the holidays are a time of relaxation and recreation, keeping an eye on safety during this time is critical.


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