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After Difficulty, come’s Ease is this year’s [1443] Hajj theme discussion

By Neelam Rahim

Radio Islam’s Ml Suliman Ravat and Ml Waja discuss the Muslim mindset when dealing with difficulty. 

We live in challenging times. People are still recovering physically, economically and emotionally from the pandemic. On top of that, we live in a very confusing time. The new ideologies and trends are being foisted down the throats of those who believe and want to remain true to their faith.

Issues ranging from the electricity not being connected half the time in South Africa, on to water and then internationally the oil price and then people are still suffering from hunger and other sorts of difficulties. There are also individual difficulties as many people are still trying to recover from losing a near and dear one.

Ml Suliman advises that according to Islam, there are two types of difficulties, “The one is called ‘Museebah’ and the other is called ‘Mushkeela’.”

“Museebah translated in English is a misfortune, something which is out of your control.”

“And Mushkeela, on the other hand, is something that you played a part in and comes as a result of your actions,” says Ml Suliman.

Ml Waja tells us that Difficulty is a situation that Allah [SWT] puts upon you for a certain period and wants to test you as Allah [SWT] has the full right to do so.

“Allah [SWT] wants to test your resolves and see in what direction are you headed. In the Quran, Allah [SWT] speaks about us engaging and encouraging one another. The essence of that is when we look at the truth, it might bring about certain life difficulties. We still need to heed the truth through these difficulties as Allah [SWT] has commanded us to do,” says Ml Waja.

Ml Waja further mentions, “Allah has not given us the guarantee that life is going to be easy, but Allah [SWT] has given us the guarantee that if we turn to Allah [SWT] in difficulties, he is going to help us. When faced with difficulties ad struggles, keep your focus and turn to Allah [SWT]; you will get through it, and that is the promise of Allah [SWT].”


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