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ANC speaks out against attacks and threats by rightwing groups on Panyaza Lesufi

By Annisa Essack

Gauteng ANC Chairperson Panyaza Lesufi has been attacked maliciously by right-wing and racist groups. Lesufi is among the ANC leaders who sacrificed their youth and were unfairly detained fighting for liberation, according to the Provincial Executive Committee. After Lesufi stated that AfriForum, Freedom Front Plus and others defend a specific race and language, AfriForum demanded an apology from him. ANC’s Gauteng spokesperson Lesego Makhubela joined Sabahul Muslim to discuss the issue.

Makhubela says that Gauteng ANC Chairperson Panyaza Lesufi and the ANC will not apologise for making the comments.

He says that the ANC, on whose behalf Lesufi speaks and defends the policies, believes that an organisation that retains artefacts and symbols and continues to advance the policies of Apartheid reflects racism.

He further explained that the problem began when Lesufi renamed the Verwoerd Hoer Skool in Pretoria to Rittendale High School and Afriforum tried to halt the change. He says the organisation saw Verwoerd as a “custodian of their history and racist ideology of Apartheid.”

Explaining further, Makhubela said the ANC had no issue with language unless it was used to discriminate or divide and not respect the rights of others. However, it lies in wanting to preserve the legacy of Apartheid. He also says that Afriforum is attacking Lesufi as he stands against their plot to retain this legacy.

Regarding Afriforum threatening legal action, Makhubela says the issue is no longer one against Lesufi but rather “a matter of the ANC.” He says they will meet Afriforum in a court of law to prove that these right-wing organisations are racist and will be exposed for what they are.

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