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Now is a good time to transplant or move trees and shrubs as they will have time to settle in while it is still warm enough active root growth to take place.


Look out plants with attractive autumn foliage in your area and get some of your garden. Trees with particularly colourful autumn foliage are Chinese and Japanese maples, silver birches pride of Indias sweet gums tulips trees pin oaks swamps.


When selecting plants for autmn foliage buy the ones that are the most colourful in autumn, because not all plants from the same spiecies give the same spectacular intense colour.


Start watering shrubs from the winter rainfall areas like ericas and proteas more regularly during dry weather.


Clean up edges by removing any rubbish that may a have collected after them.


Stop feeding roses to discourage active growth as new growth might get damaged by cold weather.


Water and mow the lawn once a month.


Roses are producing their last flowering flush for the season with lovely intense colours.

Cut thses flowers with long stems.

Do not start to prune those that have finished flowering as it is still to early rather wait until the end of June or July.


Seed of Namaqualand daisies can still be sown in all areas.


Plant out seedlings sown in January and thin out any that have self seeded.


Lillium bulbs are available at available at nurseries and golden centres during autumn and early spring.


Feed seedlings once this month with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.


Watch out for aphids on the growing tips of chrysanthemums.


Perenials to look out for which look stunning in April are: Arctotises amaryllis chrysanthemums dahlias day lilies


Finish plantings bulbs into well- prepared beds by the end of the month.


Annuals can still be sown in trays during this summer month.


Mulch and feed aloes especially those in the rockery to ensure a lovely display during winter.


Continue weeding and watering the rockery.


Cardinal flowers the red foliage perenaial lobelias with their scarlet.

Remove any dead and follen leaves from the pond and water plants to avoid polluting the water.


Stop feeding all non- flowering pot plants and cut down on watering but do not let them dry out completely.


Make cuttings of impatients and beginnings and over winter them ina sheltered spot out of the cold.


Divide hardy summer flowering perennials that have become overcrowded.


Cut back on the watering of container plants and feed those in flower with liquid fertilizer.


Sow seeds of broccoli, cabbage, carrots leeks, onions, spinach, radishes.

Plant some garlic cloves in the vegetable garden.


Cover newly planted  vegetable seedlings with bird netting to protect them form being eaten.




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