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It is the best time to plant out or move trees and shrubs as they will have time to settle in as there is still enough heat for active root growth.


Keep soil mulched around shrubs and give special attention to watering camellias and azaleas.


Apply systemic insecticide to conifers every 14 days to treat them against Italian cypress aphids.


Spray against fungus and insect attack where necessary with the appropriate pesticides or organic remedies.


The autumn flush has started and blooms are looking their best.


Take cuttings of rambling roses and other growing strong types now, dip in rooting hormone powder and plant in well drained soil.


Continue mowing feeding and watering establishing lawns.


Winter Rainfall:


Now is the best time to plant trees and shrubs endemic to the Western Cape, such as ericas, proteas pincushions and buchu varieties.


Remove spent flower heads of hydrangeas by cutting stems back to the second bud.


Renew mulch if necessary as it decomposes and becomes thinner with time.


Continue watering shrubs especially azaleas and camellias to encourage good flowering during winter.


Continue watering and feeding roses with special rose food or fertilizer for flowering plants.


Summer Rainfall:



Shrubs looking good at this time of the year, and which you could plant now are pride of De Kaap bush violets pink wild pearls purple brooms carrissas lavenders plectranthuses plumbagos, honeysuckles blue potato bushes


Collect immature flower heads of oakleaf hydrangeas and seed pods of watsonias and lilliums for dried flower arrangements. Lavender can also be picked and bunches can be hung upside down in a warm aerated area position to dry.


Continue taking cuttings of summer – flowering plants such as fuchias pelargoniums and marguerite daises.


Continue watering, feeding and spraying roses.


It is a good time to establish a new lawn, as it will benefit from the late rains and grow well before winter starts.


Feed with a general fertilizer high in potassium to help maintain a healthy and strong lawn into winter


Water well after fertilizer application to avoid burning the foliage.


Keep a lookout for lawn caterpillars which are active during the night.




Prepare the rock garden for planting indigenous bulbs in April


Consider growing the indigenous powder puff tree on pond edges or in marshy areas of the garden


It is a medium size decorative tree well worth having.


Consider growing larger bromeliads like Aecmea Mexicana in containers to provide interesting colour and shape on the patio


Remember to check the center of bromeliads regularly for mosquitoes larvae.


Use the hose to flush the stale water out of the crown and refill it with fresh water.


Sow vegetables like beetroot brinjals, brussel sprouts cabbage  carrots, cauliflower celery cucumbers, dwarf beans endives, garlic, horseradish, kohlrabi .


Plant quick spreading mint a plastic nursery pot with a diameter of about 30cm and plant this pot into the soil to prevent the mint from spreading too fast


Feed bananas mangoes papaws with a general fertilizer.











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