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Egypt asks Interpol to arrest 4 journalists

Jun 06, 2022

By Raahil Sain

A court in Egypt has asked Interpol to issue arrest warrants for four Egyptian journalists working in Turkiye and hand them over to Egyptian authorities.

Interpol’s Red Notice system allows member states to request worldwide law enforcement to locate and arrest a person. 

Speaking on Radio Islam International, journalist Dr James Dorsey said the four journalists were associated with a TV station with the Muslim brotherhood operating outside Istanbul.

Dorsey said the Turkish government had initially asked the TV station to tone down their criticism, but the station decided it would leave Turkiye and move to London.

“The arrest warrants come on the back of that, and it’s not clear whether those journalists are still in [Turkiye] or not,” said Dorsey. 

Meanwhile, Turkey is reviving its invasion of northern Syria, which started in 2019 but halted under US pressure. 

“This time around, it is designed to create a 30 km buffer zone and push Syrian [Kurdish] further back from the Turkish border,” said Dorsey. 

Dorsey said a trial primarily involving people suspected of being associated with the Muslim brotherhood was denounced by Amnesty International and other human rights.

“They were 94 defendants; many got ten years sentences. What’s happened now is they have served their sentences, but their detention is being prolonged on national security grounds,” said Dorsey. 

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