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NPA to prosecute the corrupt

By Neelam Rahim

Is it too early to celebrate the blitz of high profile arrests in Fraud and state capture?

Radio Islam discusses with political analysts Professor Dirk Kotze and Oscar Van Heerden.

Many have seen this as a significant leap forward for the NPA and accountability.

Dirk says, “It’s a crucial step but not the final. It is an important indication that the NPA is building a case and has reached the point where they feel they have built enough evidence to take it into the public domain and the courts. There is always the risk of not having a solid enough case the defence can merely apply for the case to be thrown out.”

“The sentiment from the public, in general, is an important indication that there is a movement taking place,” says Dirk.

Is this a sign that state institutions and the government finally deliver on their mandate?

Van Heerden says, “The wheels of justice, unfortunately, turns very slowly, though the apprehension from various quarters as to will there ever be prosecution, arrests and so forth. I do think that this is a step in the right direction. It means that NPA is enforcing the law without fear or favour.”

“What is important is that the NPA can demonstrate that they can win cases. I mind they should attempt the so-called less complicated easier cases and see to a large extent that they can win them. That will create a sense of optimism in the NPA that they do have the ability to prosecute the accused. It will ultimately develop the sense in the public that people are being prosecuted,” Kotze said.

“It should be about those who have been corrupt and have transgressed the law. With sufficient evidence they should be charged and prosecuted regardless of which ANC line you might find yourself on”, says Van Heerden.



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