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Five ways to be a source of benefit to the Muslim Ummah with your mobile phone

Shakirah Hunter

Recently I found myself without a helper and a huge workload, I sent a message on our local WhatsApp group and within seconds I received tons of messages with numbers and detailed descriptions that would assist me in the process of hiring someone. I was amazed at the incredible sisterhood and the unique manner in which we are able to assist each other with a simple message or two. The Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم has referred to the best of people as those who create benefit to others. You might associate benefit with massive fundraisers or huge financial inniaitives but it is these tiny acts that can lead to great change .

1. Like and share beneficial inniaitives by our Ulema
This is important in getting the work of the Ulema out there. We need the Islamic voice to reach the feeds of every person and the only way this happens is if we take the time to share their work.

2. Donate your items that you no longer need. Recently we saw a lady in Nigel needing baby items and within a day alhamdulillah she had a car load of items donated. These items might be used or no longer a necessity in your home , but they can be a huge relief for someone in desperate need.

3. Share online sources and resources.
Whether it is PDF’S or a group that shares books or anasheed . Take the time to share your online resources. People living accross the world might benefit from a simple document that you send across the world.

4. Let people know when you find a good deal online.
You might think it is a few Rand’s off the price of milk but it is a huge source of savings for another person. If you are in store and see anything that might be of benefit, make a quick call and find out of they might need the product that is on sale.

5. When you think of someone,send them a quick voicenote.

The time you take to message them in that moment will let them know that they are appreciated. Many a time we think about someone and plan to visit or call them , but we quickly get busy with life and the moment is gone. Voicenote them immediately as they cross your mind and you will see how much of a difference this makes to their lives.


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