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Foreign Domestic Workers not allowed to go Home for Festive season

Dec 08, 2020

by Ejaz Khan

With Covid spreading faster than hot gossip at a ladies get together, borders are set to close, leaving foreign domestic workers trapped in South Africa.

But Covid 19 isn’t the only reason. Maintenance work is set to continue as Patricia De Lille and team are hard at work, spraying Q20 on the rusted Barbed wire fence that cost a mere 37 Million Rand to put up.

Workers have insisted on working at night so they can work faster as its alot cooler, but analysts say it’s mainly so they can secure overtime pay.

The border closure has invoked mixed reactions and emotions amongst both employers and employees.

”Gori Khala” speaking to Radio Islam, said she was sad that ”Blessing” could not return to Harare for the holidays, but promised not to overwork her as she normally does.
”She just has to shine the stoep and pots, that’s all the work I’ll make her do, then she can relax the whole evening.”

Her Husband, “Gora Mota” yells into the phone : ”We are truly blessed!” but no one laughs.
Blessing was less excited, for obvious reasons.

”This Gogo wont even have chance to miss me now”…

”Also, little does she know, I was not coming back”

* This article is purely humour based. No facts were used in the writing…


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