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Satire (opinion) Articles

99% of people who debate Satire either only read the headline or don’t understand it

by Ejaz Khan   As the winter coldness takes temporary residence in South Africa, many are left searching for answers, trying to understand their purpose within society. Those that are helpful, will lend a helping hand. Those who only seek to sow disunity, will...

Mysterious Helicopters spotted at night actually Spraying Vicks to clear Sinus issues

by Ejaz Khan Helicopters seen hovering in the early hours of the morning are actually spraying Vicks into the air to help with congestion in the winter cold. This is believed to be a new initiative by the Department of Health. Many from the amongst the elderly in...

Loadshedding Ending Soon in South Africa

By Ejaz Khan South Africans have experienced increased loadshedding in the last few weeks. But not to worry, it will soon be a thing of the past. Well…Electricity, that is. “We are not good at this whole ‘keep the lights on thing’...so we are closing up shop” – Eskom...

Fortnite to only allow gamers login access every two weeks

By Ejaz Khan Players of the hit online game ’Fortnite’ will now only be able to play 1 day’s worth of the game every 2 weeks. This as many parents have struggled to bring normality to their kids sleeping habits and have all but given up on their teenage kids doing...