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Fortnite to only allow gamers login access every two weeks

Mar 11, 2021

By Ejaz Khan

Players of the hit online game ’Fortnite’ will now only be able to play 1 day’s worth of the game every 2 weeks.

This as many parents have struggled to bring normality to their kids sleeping habits and have all but given up on their teenage kids doing anything else.

We hit the streets and also went online to see the reaction of parents and kids to this news.

”Finally I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night thinking someone’s getting shot! Well they are, but not in real life” – Fatima (42)

”Spoke to my son because he got logged out, shame…quite a nice little guy, who would’ve known!” – Bilal (38)

”Two weeks without playing? All my friends will unfriend me, and I’ll miss my online best friend PUBGStriker” – Zuhair (14)

“If you gone from the game, I forget your name” – PUBGStriker (14)

”Shukr I don’t have to make midnight snacks for those idiots anymore” – Tasneem (45)

”It’s about time it lived up to it’s name! 2 weeks, fortnight…fortnite, get it get it… Nevermind” – @BoringBaboo

Reports indicate that Fortnite teens had been keen to organize a march in protest but when it was discovered they would have to actually attend it, they decided not to.

* This article is purely humour based. Little or no facts were used in the writing of this piece.


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