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Ginger accepted as Mehr as value skyrockets

Feb 03, 2021

By Ejaz Khan (@ejaz_k)

In a ground-breaking moment, a man paid Mehr(dowry) for his wife with payment mutually agreed upon in the form of Ginger parcels.

The herb, which is now in as short supply in South Africa as consistently vocal man united fans, is currently as valuable as a Kruger Coin was in the early 2000’s.

We spoke to some of the family at the less-than-50-people socially distanced wedding event in Lenasia.

“Their marriage is built on Ginger, so it will have strong roots” – Iqbal (71)

“I’m just here for the masala tea and samoosa’s” – Zohra (68)

“Should’ve bought from me, would’ve gotten a better price” – Abu (59)

When the mother of the bride was asked as to why she allowed ginger to be given as Mehr, Joobi Khala responded:

“Two things I can’t live without… “My Allah Paak, and my ginger paak”

Uncle Ebie, The father of the bride, was seen weighing the parcels on the kitchen scale, just to make sure.

“They gave extra, which is good” he said, holding a piece to his nose like a Cuban cigar.

Historically, ginger was always used frequently, as per subcontinental cultural norms, for both health benefits and taste.

Now, it could take on a whole meaning for these two newly weds.

May they form a long lasting partnership like Ginger and Garlic, Ameen.






* This article is purely humour based. Little or no facts were used in the writing of this piece






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