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Haleem (20.08.09)

Aug 20, 2009


750g chicken / leg mutton

1 ½ cups of wheat

1 cup barley

1 Tbsp chana dhal

(to be boiled and in slated water tile tender. Then grind through mincer)


2 tsp ginger garlic

1 onion

½ tsp arad

1 tsp whole jeero

1 tsp gharum masala

¼ cup chopped shallot and dhunia leaves

A few elachi, pepper and cloves.

1 tsp salt

2 pieces tuj

1 tsp green pounded chillies

1 tsp dhunia/jeero

2 whole green chillies

¼ cup oil


Boil wheat or combination of cereals till tender. Grind through mincer.

Braise jeeo, green chillies an onion in oil till light golden colour. Add washed meat pieces and the masala and braise till it is well coated on meat and add water to fill pot.

Cook meat till tender and add ground dhals. Cook till all well blended and haleem is consistency of broth.(3 hours)


Make a vagaar of 2 Tbsp of ghee and a few rings of sliced onions with little jeero and the green chillies. Pour over haleem. Add gharum masala and mix well. Just before serving add chopped greens.




Use some ingredients and method as for haleem but in addition add 1 cup of noodles or spaghetti when soup has been simmering for 1 ½ hours.




Prime Spot!!!


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