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Introducing The Beautiful Smile And Noble Tears Of Prophet Muhammad SAW – Part 4


Mufti Yusuf hosted Ml Muhammad Ali in this remarkable series about the latter’s book entitled, The Smiles and Tears of Muhammad SAW.  In his book, Ml Muhammad renders approximately a hundred and thirty five accounts when our master and leader, Muhammad SAW smiled; a demonstration of what a humane, compassionate, soft-hearted, tender human being he was and the beautiful smile he possessed; and when he, SAW, was hurt , how painfully he cried.  Moulana also reminded us of the Hadith of Nabi SAW to the effect that, `do not regard any action as insignificant, even if it means you must meet your Muslim brother with a smiling face’.  Prophet Muhammad SAW gave much emphasis on having a pleasant disposition and a happy face.  This is part 4…






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