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Introducing The Beautiful Smile And Noble Tears Of Prophet Muhammad SAW – Part 4

Sep 04, 2012


Mufti Yusuf hosted Ml Muhammad Ali in this remarkable series about the latter’s book entitled, The Smiles and Tears of Muhammad SAW.  In his book, Ml Muhammad renders approximately a hundred and thirty five accounts when our master and leader, Muhammad SAW smiled; a demonstration of what a humane, compassionate, soft-hearted, tender human being he was and the beautiful smile he possessed; and when he, SAW, was hurt , how painfully he cried.  Moulana also reminded us of the Hadith of Nabi SAW to the effect that, `do not regard any action as insignificant, even if it means you must meet your Muslim brother with a smiling face’.  Prophet Muhammad SAW gave much emphasis on having a pleasant disposition and a happy face.  This is part 4…






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