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Joburg Mayor denies rumours of a reshuffle of MMCs

By Neelam Rahim

Johannesburg mayor Mpho Phalatse has denied rumours of MMCs being reshuffled and a purge of some metro officials. There were reports about a so-called political hit list aimed at city and entity senior managers.

Speaking to Radio Islam International, her spokesperson Mabine Seabe said it’s a disinformation campaign by political opponents inside and outside the city.

According to Mabine, these opponents attempt to split divisions within the multi-party government and create a culture of fear, including reverting good relationships that the executive, court administration, and legislature have with senior officials within the city.

He said Mpho Phalatse and the multi-party government have also been very direct in tackling corruption-related matters.

“Those who have been pocketing money will feel the effect of not being able to siphon money from the city meant for service delivery.”

He added that this is an attack on the multi-party government for the work being done.

Regarding the person behind these reports, Mabine said, as stated, these reports came from unknown sources and leaked documents that they have come across.

From the view of the mayor and himself, Mabine told Radio Islam that these reports were fabricated to drive a disinformation campaign.

He added that the coalition government in Johannesburg is strong. Where disputes arise, there are mechanisms in which those disputes can be ventilated.

“All parties of the multi-party government are committed to ensuring that we repair and rebuild Johannesburg.”

Listen to the interview on Radio Islam’s podcast below.





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