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Lenasia soon to be renamed Ukuncokola, Roshnee to be called Khanyisa, and Azaadville to be renamed Mahalaville

Feb 25, 2021

by Ejaz Khan  (@ejaz_k)

In a move that will shock many residents in all of these areas, their beloved towns will soon be getting new names.

Lenasia will soon be renamed Ukuncokola, Roshnee will be called Khanyisa, and Azaadville will be renamed Mahalaville.

As expected, this revelation did not go down well with the local folks as they struggled to contemplate life under new names.

We headed out to speak to people in these towns to get their reactions. Most of the comments could not be added to this article for obvious reasons, but we did manage to find a few who kept their cool enough to share their thoughts.

“There was no reason for them to change the names – I’m so angry that I’m going to rather move to PE now” –  Lenasia Resident Bilal (60)

“All my Takealot deliveries will probably go to Kagiso now” –   Roshnee resident Farouk (55)

“MahalaVille? Oh because of it being free, what a dom name – but I love it” – Zaid ( 30)

“Are they gonna changed De Deur’s name to ‘The Door’ next? I Hope so” – Nazreen (45)

“I’m going try to get the signage tender, even if I have to change MY name” – Bha (58)

Government has acknowledged that the name changes were actually not high on the priorities list with different sectors of the country falling apart in every way imaginable, but said that they had to show they were doing ‘something right’ and that name changes have been amongst the few things they pulled off without issue.

*Khanyisa means light ( same as Roshnee)
*Mahala means Free in Zulu
*Ukuncokola in Zulu means Joking, which I clearly am!


Follow and interact with Ejaz Khan on Twitter : @ejaz_k 

* This article is purely humour based. Little or no facts were used in the writing of this piece.


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