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[LISTEN] How to Deal with a Toxic Boss

Faizel Patel – 03/03/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

An unconventional happiness councillor says toxic bosses come in various different shapes and sizes.

Norwyn K was speaking to Radio Islam about bosses in the working environment who may have an unconventional way of leading which employees may find toxic.

A toxic boss has been described as someone who does not want any opinion other than their own to be heard and they expect others to quietly follow their every direction, without ever questioning the direction.

A toxic boss is also someone who often fancies themselves as the top dog or a self-styled king, and their behavior is often reflective of that.

Norwyn says it is very difficult to immediately recognise a toxic boss, especially in the beginning.

“So for all of you out there and you are just out in a new job, just understand that the context of working in a new role and all these exciting feelings that you have and the rose-tinted spectacles that you might have on, might be preventing you from seeing people for who they really are.”

Norwyn says toxic bosses are noticeable when they display certain traits.

“You will notice them the minute they use narcissistic tendencies against you. So these are things like making you feel guilty all the time, manipulating your feelings, never ever praises you for doing a good job and just makes you feel down.”

Norwyn says there are a number of ways to deal with a toxic boss.

“I think the first most important thing is to have a lot of self-awareness for who you are as a person first because I think the lens in which we view the world will really define the world in which we experience.”

Norwyn says some people who have the victim mentality of blaming the boss for almost everything must take accountability which equals happiness, adding that the more accountable you can be to your life, the happier you will be.


Listen to the interview with Norwyn K 







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