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[Listen] The Essence of the First Day of Hajj by ML Moosa Akoodie

Jul 07, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

The Saudi government have instructed new regulations that anybody who has passed the age of 65 will not be allowed into the Kingdom to perform hajj.

This has been an obstacle that has Ml Moosa Akoodie left behind and feeling down.

Speaking to Radio Islam International is Ml Moosa Akoodie, who has been doing Hajj broadcasts on Radio Islam for over 15 to 16 years. Almost every year, Radio Islam takes Ml Akoodie’s dua from Arafat amidst crossing over for other updates.

“The most important thing is, many of our Hujjaj consider the physical contribution. From the beginning, you will look at the finances that we have. The tickets and the accommodation. It is our responsibility as Imam to prepare them from a spiritual dimension. Many hujjaj know the importance of the spirituality of hajj, but it’s just a wake-up call during the days of hajj to our hujjaj to spur them on and to lead them on this Mubarak journey of extreme love for Allah [SWT],” says Ml Akoodie.

The relationship of the lover to the Beloved is something that we try and highlight to our hujjaj.

“Mu’mins around the world are desirous for going on this particular journey because of the extreme love. So to bring intensity of the love to Allah and it is because of this love for Allah that you want to perform hajj. This love and sacrifice were demonstrated by Hazrat Ebrahim [AS]. Allah [SWT] loved it so much that he ordained it for his Beloved Nabi’s [SAW] Ummah, purely for the sake of Allah, this devotion, this love and the sacrifice is what we try and build up in ourselves and the Hujjaj,” Ml Akoodie further mentions.

Ml Akoodie also tells Radio Islam that “every Hajji in some way or the other, a great percentage of his hajj is performed walking. We encourage the young people who want to walk this journey, there is no problem. And for others, we tell them that Nabi [SAW] undertook this particular journey on a camel. There’s nothing wrong with that as well. So, it depends on an individual’s capability and physical strength.”

Listen to Radio Islam’s podcast below for more about this.


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