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The wonderful Emotions Felt by a Hajji adorned in The Ihraam

Jul 07, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

In discussion with Dawood Sampson, whose voice is famous on the airwaves of Radio Islam International, Dawood said the hujaj emotions are filled with enjoyment and power in their excitement to be present at Mina for the first time.

“There is excitement and mixed feelings of these five days because it’s a bit different from other years, and lots of Mashura was extended and has gone into Khidmatul Awam. It was decided unanimously that there’ll be two groups for the morning, early morning that and by tahajjud, we will collect all make that intention for donning the Ihram for hajj,” says brother Dawood.

The feeling of donning the Ihraam is ever-changing as one reflects on a deeper reflection.

Brother Dawood also shares with Radio Islam that he has become very emotional as another brother was handed an Ihraam.

“The brother’s friend handed him his Ihraam and told him to use it. But please keep it clean, his friend said, as it is my Kaffan and will be used for me when I am shrouded but I give to you as you are my good friend in Islam so here is my Kaffan which was beautifully packaged. He added that another friend told him that he should have his own Ihraam as it can be utilised in his own mayyit one day from this sacred journey. I have become very emotional upon hearing this as I thought back of our ancestors. This Ihraam and hajj is a journey in this life in preparation for our journey to Allah,” says brother Dawood.


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