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Living A Healthier Lifestyle – Part 5

Sep 18, 2020

Health and Fitness in Ibaadat

Apart from the spiritual aspect, performing Salaah five times a day at fixed times introduces routine in one’s life. The movements involved in Salaah provide a very light form of exercise and keeps the blood circulation going.

In the beginning of Salaah, we move our hand and shoulder muscles therefore increasing the blood flow towards the torso. The heart is the most important organ in our body. Because it supplies fresh blood to all body tissues, the movements during Salaah are a crucial source for exercise in our heart.

The forward bending position of Ruku is good for the lower vertebral column. It helps to ease back pain. Performing Ruku properly helps one to control backache and vertebral column related injuries. Ruku is also effective in developing flexibility to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle regions.

Sajdah strengthens the thigh, calf and hamstring muscles. Getting up from a Sajdah is equivalent to a complete squat which, according to experts, strengthens every muscle in the lower body region. Because blood is flowing to the head in Sajdah, the Sajdah position reduces the chances of brain hemorrhage and headache due to smooth blood flow to the head region.

Fasting Twice a Week
Scientific research has shown that intermittent fasting is beneficial for the body and mind. Studies have shown that periods of intermittent fasting speed up the process by which waste leave by dead and damaged cells are removed from the body.
Fasting has also been shown to result in physical and mental benefits, such as improved memory, sleep, concentration and increased energy. Occasional fasting has also shown to accelerate the activity and growth of nerve cells.

To follow the Sunnah of Nabi S.A.W., try to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Nabi S.A.W. said:

إنهما يومان تعرض فيهما الأعمال على الله، فأحب أن يعرض عملي وأنا صائم
“Deeds are presented on Monday and Thursday, and I love that my deeds be presented while I am fasting.” [Tirmidhi]

If we find it difficult to fast every Monday and Thursday, then we should fast according to what we can handle. If we can only manage it once a month then do that, make an intention to fast the first Monday and Thursday of every month or the last Monday and Thursday of every month.


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