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Loving the Ahlul Bayt – Part 8

Oct 14, 2021

Virtues of the Ahlul Bayt

Hudhayfah radiyallahu ‘anhu says:
My mother asked me, “When do you plan to meet the Prophet ﷺ?”
I said, “I have not had a planned time to see him since such and such time.”
She rebuked me, so I said to her, “Let me go to the Prophet ﷺ so that I may perform Maghrib (prayer) with him, and ask him to seek forgiveness for you and I.”

So, I came to the Prophet ﷺ, and I prayed Maghrib with him, then he prayed until he prayed ‘Isha. Then he turned and left, I followed him and saw someone come to him and speak in a soft tone.

He then heard my voice and said, “Who is this?”
I said, “Hudhayfah?”
He asked, “What is your need?”

I told him what had occurred, and he said, “May Allah forgive you and your mother.”
He then said, “Did you not see someone had come to me?”
I replied in the affirmative.

He said, “Indeed, it was an Angel that never descended to the earth ever before tonight. He sought permission from his Lord to greet me with peace and to give me the glad tidings that Hassan and Hussain are the leaders of the youths of the people of paradise and that Fatimah is the leader of the women of paradise.” [Musnad Imam Ahmed, Hadith: 22818]

Loving the Ahlul Bayt
This afternoon we continue to look at ways in which we need to manifest our love for the Ahlul Bayt

Knowing the rights of the Ahlul Bayt without extremism nor negligence:
Towards the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) people have been divided into three categories, between exceeding the proper bounds and negligence and the straight path.

The first category: Those who have exceeded the proper bounds in terms of Ahlul Bayt’s rights. These are who are rude to them and treated them unjustly.

The second category: Those who went too far in their love, going beyond the proper Islamic limits therein and went to extremes towards Ahlul Bayt.

The third category: The moderates and the just, who abandon the way of the former two categories and are the middle ground between the both of them.

Al-‘Allamah Muhammad Siddiq Hasan Khan R said:
“This love for them is obligatory and enjoined upon every single individual of the nation, and whosoever is withheld from it, he has indeed been excluded from a lot of good… for indeed the truth is between exaggeration and negligence.
In the same context ‘Allamah Mahmud Shukri al Alûsi said:

“Many people towards the Ahlul Bayt and the companions are between al-tafrit (exaggeration) and al-ifrat (negligence), and what is between both of them is the straight path, may Allah, the Almighty make us firm on that path”.


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