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Mothers to be allowed into Schools during school hours to watch their kids learn

By Ejaz Khan (@ejaz_k)

As kids made their way to school this week, they left in their wake a hoard of crying mothers, worried about their safety…
But not for long.

Soon, their Mothers will be permitted to be at school with them, albeit only being allowed to observe their hatchlings through the classroom window, whilst lessons are on.

But here’s where it gets interesting -They will be allowed to hang around with their children at break time!

One school in Lenasia was amongst those chosen in the pilot project, so we went through on the 1st day to see what we could learn about this unique development.

“This was the best thing ever, I got to make sure my baby ate all his lunch” – Zeenat ( 39)

”So embarrassing, My Tannie was feeding me my lunch at break time” – Issa ( 17)

”I couldn’t concentrate on the lesson, I could just just hear my mother making ‘psssst psssst’ like I’m a cat, the whole day” – Zaheera (12)

”My mother thought it would be cool if she wore her old school uniform too…worst day of my life!” – Zayna (16)

”Tonight when Daddy asks how was school, Mummy is gonna answer ☹” – Zubair (8)

”I got the house to myself now, daughter in law is gone to school again…maybe this time she’ll pass” – Julie(70)

The Principal was surprisingly optimistic about the mum/child dynamic at school.

”All the kids were super neat all the time, and my office desk is full of Tupperware’s of baked goods.”

The department is yet to make a decision on whether to activate this new method in this term or the next.
I guess, at the moment, Mum’s the word.

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* This article is purely humour based. Little or no facts were used in the writing of this piece.


Prime Spot!!!


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