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National Youth Coalition to March to Union Buildings on Youth Day

Neelam Rahim |

2-minute read
13 June 2023 | 13:06 CAT

Image: Postermywall

June is Youth Month, with June 16th being Youth Day. This year, the National Youth Coalition will march to the Union Buildings to hand over a memorandum demanding accountability from the government.

Steering Committee member and chairperson, and founder of Project Potential South Africa, Muhammed Yaeesh Cassim, gives Radio Islam International insight and background on the founding of Project Potential South Africa.

According to Cassim, Project Potential, South Africa was founded to empower and inspire the youth of South Africa. The organisation offers the youth a six-week readiness course from underprivileged communities and child-headed homes.

Learners are placed in leadership in which their progress is monitored and evaluated.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is a partner to the National Youth Coalition started in 2022 by the youth activist Ifraan Mangera and was a call put out to several civil society and youth-led organisations to unite under one banner to pay attention to the things that plague the youth and how to address them together and is partnered with Project Potential South Africa.

Meanwhile, the youth plans for Friday will include parading and protesting toward the Union Buildings to hand over and represent the same memorandum delivered to the government and Presidency last year on June 16th, yet to receive a response.

According to Cassim, the re-signed memorandum speaks to several issues plaguing the youth, including education, mental health service deliveries, health and several issues that the government has not addressed.

Listen to the full interview on Your World Today with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie.


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