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The Crucial Role That Civil Society Play in Our Country

Neelam Rahim |

2-minute read
13 June 2023 2023 | 17:37 CAT

Image: Daily Maverick

Civil society has been part and parcel of the country since the apartheid era when they led from the front in the fight for a democratic South Africa. Almost 30 years into our democracy, civil society is again at the forefront of the fight for a just society. South Africa’s economy is in freefall, with the country having the dubious honour of being the most unequal society in the world.

Radio Islam International discussed the role of civil society with the head of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Neeshan Balton and Irfaan Mangera, the civic alliance coordinator of Rise Mzansi.

There is a deep sense of frustration, anger and disillusionment amongst citizens in terms of where South Africa is 30 years after democracy in comparison to where the country ought to be.

According to Mangera, people have recognized that there is power in people coming together and raising alarms on specific issues, which is increasingly happening due to dysfunction, particularly at the municipal level.

He says, “Civil society plays a critical role in organizing the energy and anger of the people as it is often organized under certain objectives, ideals and principals for common interests.”

Meanwhile, Bolton suggests that many constructive actions are realistically achievable. He said accountability work tools must be added to approaching solutions.

“Our political system is not designed for accountability neither are many of our public officials keen or willing to engage in terms of accountability,” he says.

Listen to the full interview on Sabahul Muslim with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat.


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