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Nigerian Ministers Resign En-Masse To Contest 2023 Elections

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By: Zahid Jadwat


At least ten of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministers have resigned after he instructed all ministers, ambassadors, agency heads and other political appointees to resign by May 16 if they intend to run for office in the 2023 elections.

Some of his ministers want to succeed him in the presidential palace, while others want to become senators or state governors.

After two terms in power, Buhari is expected to step down next year.

In a speech, Buhari thanked the outgoing ministers for their sacrifice and “invaluable services” to the country, wishing them success in their future endeavours and noting that they had worked “with dignity and honour.”

Those who resigned, as of Friday morning, include the ministers of justice, transport, labour, Niger Delta region, and women’s affairs. At least four of the ministers who resigned are looking to replace Buhari, as is central bank governor Godwin Emefiele.


The mass resignations of ministers had “undoubtedly created a vacuum,” according to President Buhari. However, he stated that new appointments would be made soon.


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