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President of SA prisoner’s organisation for Human Rights has reverted to Islam

Neelam Rahim | neelam@radioislam.co.za

2 min read | 11:30 am CAT

A man who has become well known in the country for fighting for the rights of prisoners in South Africa’s overcrowded prisons, Golden Miles Bhudu is an outspoken critic of the deplorable circumstances in which prisoners serve their sentences in badly crowded prisons.

The South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights president, Golden Miles Bhudu, shares his journey to Islam with Radio Islam International.

Bhudu’s interest in Islam began 25 years ago when he was very young, anxious and confused. He said embracing the religion of Islam was a long time coming for him.

During his meeting with Moulana Ndlovu at the launch of the Soweto Parliament, a conversation started surrounding Islam. After that, Bhudu was introduced to Moulana Shiraz Wahal from the United States.

According to Bhudu, after being introduced to Moulana Wahal, he opened up during the event and decided to embrace Islam.

He added that taking the Shahadah has awakened him from a deep sleep where nightmares also attacked him.

Listen below to the interview on Radio Islam’s podcast with Ml Ibrahim Daya, Ml Ahmed Waja and Golden Miles Bhudu.


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