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Two blasts in parked buses in J-K’s Udhampur, 2 injured

Neelam Rahimneelam@radioislam.co.za

2 min read | 13:45 pm CAT

Yesterday, a blast took place in Jammu, Kashmir. There is not much information surrounding the reasons behind the explosion.

In conversation, Texas-based advocate for Kashmir Solidarity Movement’s Mary Scully told Radio Islam International that they have recently sent in India’s Chief anti-terrorist agency to investigate as it is not known who is responsible for these blasts.

However, Mary believes it could be linked to Union Home Minister Amit Shah as he was the architect with Modi of the abrogation of oracle 370 in August 2019. He scheduled to begin a BJP electoral campaign in the city where both bombings took place.

She said Amit Shah’s tour was postponed to next Tuesday.

There were two injuries, but Mary said these resulted from an accident and were not intended to be blown up as both bombings occurred on empty buses. One at 5 am and the other at 10 pm when they were empty. The bombings were possibly just a scare tactic.  

According to Mary, terrorism in Kashmir is very difficult to tell if its actual guerrilla operatives in the Kashmir freedom struggle. Or if it’s undercover agents trying to discredit the Kashmir movement.

There are 900 Indian soldiers in Kashmir, and Mary said the Indian government almost daily kills 1 to 3 young men whom it accuses as guerrilla operatives.

“They’ve killed so many people, and it’s hard to think there would be more guerrilla fighters left. Even the Indian government estimates that the number is under 200,” she says.

Listen below to the interview on Radio Islam’s podcast.



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