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Programme Summary – Dare To Be Different

Apr 19, 2017

Radio Islam Programming – 19 April 2017

Dare To Be Different is a gardening programme on Radio Islam. The programme is hosted by radio veteran, Ismail Variawa, on Sunday Mornings between 8 and 9am.

The programme highlights various gardening related issues and advices that can be practically implemented by avid gardeners. Ismail, along with a variety of guests, shares vital gardening tips in accordance to the season and weather. Different types of plants and herbs are constantly analysed on the programme.

In one of the recent editions of the programme, Micheal Coetzee, an expert in the field, joined the programme as a special guest. As we enter Autumn, various plant related issues surrounding Autumn’s weather pattern were discussed. Aspects like natural pest control and the manner in which one plants was touched on. The special guest also advised listeners to keep on saving water when gardening despite the good rains that Johannesburg experienced in recent times.

She also explained to the listeners the correct method of using fertilizer and the effects of frost during cold mornings.

“Because we getting a lot of rain, people mustn’t start wasting water. We need to be mindful that South Africa is a drier country and we need to make sure that we garden according to that.”

“(When positioning plants in your patio) on the eastern, western and northern side, your plants will be much happier than on the southern side because (in Johannesburg) the cold comes from the south.”

“With any fertilizer you need to water it. A decent handful to a square metre and then you water it.”

Catch Ismail Variawa on the gardening programme, Dare to Be Different, Sunday mornings between  8 and 9am.

Listen to the podcast here.

Listen to previous programmes here.


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