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Programme Summary – The Butterfly Corner

Apr 09, 2017

Radio Islam Programming  – 10 April 2017

The Butterfly Corner is a children’s programme hosted by Sister Sameera Baba. The award – winning children’s programme airs on Monday to Thursday between 1:10pm and 1:30pm and on Fridays from 1:30pm. The programme aims to educate children regarding important values and principles of life. The presenter comes across in a tone and manner that makes it easy for a child to understand. Various life lessons are passed on in the form of stories and interesting incidents from the past. At times, the lines are open allowing children to phone in and send a message to their parents and other family members. The Nasheeds that play during the programme are Nasheeds that are sung by children or designed for children. With the help of special sound-effects, At times, the programme has a special guest in the form of a bird named Hud Hud. Many of the children have become great fans of Hud Hud over the years.

Regarding the programme, Sister Sameera Baba says: “The butterfly corner, a special time dedicated to our little ones. We learn Quraan, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Aqaaid and Islamic history as well life skills. All these lessons are learnt the fun way with stories and not forgetting special appearances from our bird friend Hud Hud!”

In one of the recent programmes, Sister Sameera told a story that dealt with the importance of religion. The story teaches children the benefits and meaning of following a true religion. As part of the story, she also goes on to explain to the young ones the harms of abandoning religion. The importance of character and good manners was also highlighted in the programme.


“Every story has a lesson that you will, InshaAllah, remember forever, and use as you are growing up.”

“That is why, we, as Muslims know that we don’t bow down to anyone except Allah.”

“Allah provides us with all our needs.”

Catch Sister Sameera Baba Monday to Thursday between 1:10pm and 1:30pm and on Fridays from 1:30pm.

Listen to the programme here.

Listen to previous programmes here.


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