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SA Muslims mourn the passing of Shaykh Shamiel Panday

Annisa Essack |
30 May 2023 | 12:30 CAT
2 min read


Photo Credit: Radio Islam International

Shaykh Shamiel Panday, Islamic scholar and SAHUC mission worker, died on Tuesday in Madinatul Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, whilst serving the South African Hujjaaj.

He was hospitalised earlier in the day due to cardiac arrest.

Born in Korsten, Port Elizabeth, he attended Gelvandale Primary and his secondary education at St Thomas High. His Islamic studies began under the late Shaykh Jamiel Jardien Rahimahullah in Masjid Taqwa. From 1981-84 he studied in Medina, where he completed Sha’batu Ta’leemul Arabieya and Thanawieyah. When his father passed in 1984, Shaykh Panday was preparing to enter the College of Shariah, and he was forced to forfeit his studies being the oldest son.

On his return to South Africa, he served on the executive of the Eastern Cape Islamic Congress as a co-opted member and was also a member of the Religious Affairs Council. In 1988 the ECIC Baitul Maal fund was merged with SANZAF, and he oversaw the office for three years. Whilst remaining a member of the Religious Affairs Council, he pursued a career in building contract management.

A decade after returning, Shaykh Jardien encouraged him to enrol at Al Azhar University in Cairo for an Imaamat course which he completed. After the death of Shaykh Jamiel in 1995, he accepted the Imaamat of Masjidut Taqwa in Gelvandale, serving as Imaam. In 2003, SANZAF approached him to assist with fundraising, and he then took over the management of the Eastern Cape branch.

A member of the Al Quds Foundation, Shaykh Panday was passionate about Palestine and visited on three occasions. He was a United Ulama Council of SA (UUCSA) member and regularly gave Jum’ah.

LISTEN: SAHUC’s President, Shaheen Essop, speaking to Radio Islam International, confirmed the passing of Shaykh Panday.


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