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School Uniforms to be changed to Hoodies and Joggers

by Ejaz Khan ( @ejaz_k)

In a brave move that will probably be met with some debate and loud uproar, the department of Education has decided to get rid of the current uniform system.

Sources reveal that from now on, everyone will wear golf shirts and tracksuits, and in private schools, Blazers will be replaced by Hoodies. Across the whole country, in every school, everyone will wear the same colours.

Leaked information suggests that the colours will be Grey and White.

We decided to walk to a nearby school to see the reaction from all players involved, as well as checked online comments on how people feel on the matter.

“This is great so they can sell the badges separately to us and it wont be mad expensive – Roxanne on Facebook.

“Best news ever, it better not be satire” – Ejaz (15)

“It makes sense because then we wont be able to distinguish between rich and poor, everyone will be wearing the same clothes, true equality” – Hanif (65)

“This is good because I always said my Uniform was more expensive than my education” – Bradley Langeveldt on Facebook.

But not all voices were in favour:

They need to ask themselves, do Uniforms improve education? Are they vital for learning? = Yazeed Patel on facebook

“But if we all wearing the same thing, isn’t that STILL uniform, and especially now that everyone is wearing the same colours even, is it not just Uniform of the highest order?” – Zakheera (16)

No one from the Department was available to answer her question.


Follow and interact with Ejaz Khan on Twitter : @ejaz_k 

* This article is purely humour based. Little or no facts were used in the writing of this piece.



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