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Shifting monsoon patterns as flood menace affects millions of people in north eastern state of Assam

By Neelam Rahim

The worst floods in years have affected millions of people in the northeastern Indian state of Assam and have killed 127 people so far. According to officials, the floods have breached more than 200 embankments in the state, displacing tens of thousands of people and submerging large suites of cultivated land. The displaced people are taking shelter and hundreds of relief camps set up by the government and charities along highways and in government buildings. Chatting us now on the line from Assam in India, Radio Islam speaks to Rokibuz Zaman.

The Assam area is very vulnerable to monsoon rains, but is it correct that this is the worst monsoon rain in a long time?

“Monsoon entered Assam around the first week of June. It hit the northeastern, and it brought heavy rain. So far this month, Assam has received over 100% above the normal rain falls, which officials say there is nothing unusual about it. Extreme order is increasing day by day. In Assam as many factors, many rivers have burst their banks,” says Zaman.

Assam continues to tell Radio Islam, “for a long time, some has been building embedments. There is a concept that can resolve the flood issues, but technically and scientifically, there are many substances that investment doesn’t control the flood. It only splits somehow because whenever there is a breach in the embankment, the water gusts through very expediently and in effect the people who reside nearby the embankment, basically.” n the last two weeks, over 5 million people were affected. Today, around 3 million and over 151 people are killed between Floods and landslides in Assam. And since 2015 there are over 700 people have died in floods 2015. It is one of the worst floods people in Assad have witnessed. The government is trying their best to reach the remote areas to provide health and relief. But the situation is very extraordinary. And the government also has many issues like human resources,” Zaman says.

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