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Tesla’s World’s Biggest Lithium ION Battery a Game Changer


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 07-12-2017

Radio Islam’s Asia Pacific correspondent says electric car manufacturer Tesla’s switch on of the world’s biggest lithium ion battery in Australia is a game changer.

The lithium ion battery was switched on last week, in time to feed Australia’s shaky power grid for the first day of summer, meeting a promise by South African born entrepreneur Elon Musk to build it in 100 days or give it free.

Tesla won a bid in July to build the 129-megawatt hour battery for South Australia, which is powered by a windfarm using renewable energy and avoiding fossil fuels.

Kiru Naidoo says the lithium ion battery takes technology to a completely new plain.

“Musk must be complimented for making good on a promise that he would build the battery within 100 days. Australia has experienced a whole range of power outages that have darkened an entire state, so this kind of intervention really improves its power supply security.”

As Musk basks in the glow of meeting his 100-day challenge, Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems has announced it took an order for an industrial energy-storage system to be installed by February.

The 150-megawatt system, expected to be the world’s largest on delivery, was purchased by Korea Zinc at a cost of 50 billion won (R 609 million) for use at its Ulsan refinery.


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