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The Asia-Pacific Report

Sameera Casmod |
23 November 2023 | 10:36 CAT
1-min read

In the Asia-Pacific Report, Sanusha Naidu, research fellow at the Institute for Global Dialogue and foreign policy analyst, discussed various global issues, from the proliferation of fake videos emerging from India to China’s position on the Israel-Gaza situation and Argentina’s evolving stance on joining BRICS.

The interview outlined the challenges posed by fake videos, a phenomenon not exclusive to India but exacerbated by its vast population and growing access to media, especially social media platforms. Naidu emphasised the global impact of misinformation on political spectrums, social media perceptions, and its contribution to socio-economic challenges. Drawing parallels with past instances, like the storming of Capitol Hill in 2020, she highlighted the need for robust legal frameworks, particularly in the digital space.

China’s approach to global conflicts, such as the Israel-Gaza situation, was also a focal point. Naidu highlighted the importance of considering alternative sources, especially Chinese media, to understand China’s position comprehensively. Contrary to perceptions of China’s silence, Naidu shed light on China’s historical strategic roles in conflict resolution, citing past engagements with entities like the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The interview then shifted to the BRICS context, discussing China’s stance within the group and the dynamics of global governance. Naidu underscored the significance of the BRICS countries coming together to address the Israel-Gaza situation, given the limitations of mainstream institutions like the UN and larger actors such as the US.

The topic of Argentina’s potential withdrawal from joining BRICS added another layer to the discussion. Naidu explored the nuanced dynamics surrounding Javier Mele, Argentina’s right-wing presidential winner, and his reluctance to join BRICS despite an earlier invitation. The key takeaway was Argentina’s keenness to maintain a robust relationship with China, even if not part of BRICS, emphasising the strategic importance of economic engagement.

The interview concluded with insights into Mele’s anarcho-capitalist beliefs and the unrealistic nature of some of his economic promises, such as shifting Argentina’s currency reserves toward the dollar. Naidu highlighted the significance of Argentina’s currency reserves being predominantly in Chinese yuan, signalling the country’s commitment to a strong relationship with Beijing.

Listen to the Asia-Pacific Report on Sabaahul Muslim with Moulana Junaid Kharsany.


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