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The LRA meeting gone ahead as planned

Jun 06, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

The Lenasia Residents Association held a public meeting on Sunday morning at Rose Park.

Radio Islam discusses the purpose and outcome of this meeting with the Chair of the LRA, Imraan Seedat.

Imraan said the meeting did go ahead as planned.

“The purpose of the meeting was to have a face to face discussion with the residents to get feedback from them on what needs to be done. We addressed matters pertaining to Lenasia and the infrastructure crisis we have seen in Lenasia. We’ll have the opportunity to sit down in a political meeting with all the stakeholders in the city to address the hard questions that residents are asking and then deliver feedback directly to the residents,” says Imraan.

We await confirmation from the city officials as to when the meeting will occur.

Imraan says, “Before we sit down and present ourselves with the questions to the various officials, the LRA’s mandate is to be transparent and accountable. We are giving all the residents to push forward the questions to address their concerns to the city officials.”

“Our primary concern in Lens is our crime issue, which was brought up during the meeting. Other raised matters included the boom gates entering and leaving the street, the taxi rank issue, illegal settlements, cable theft, potholes, security, sewage, etc. We will be sending out feedback. Residents having any concerns can contact our offices or email their concerns, and we will address them. Alternatively, contact me on 0749430335,” said Imraan.


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