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The new stigma needs to go

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley


As infections start to rise, we see a dangerous trend of people afraid to disclose their COVID positive status—the perceived stigma attached to contracting COVID-19 needs to be stopped immediately, as it is life-threatening.

It’s not easy being told that you may have been at someone’s home, and a few days later, they have tested positive, and you and maybe, your family now have to quarantine. We need to understand that we have an obligation, and that is to inform others when we have tested positive.

Wearing masks and social distance is needed, but we also need to learn to control our reaction when we meet in person.
The more complicated we make it for others to disclose such information to us, the more the spread of the virus will continue.

If you have come into close contact and have been informed, thank the person for being honest and isolate. You also need to check your symptoms and consult with a doctor on managing your health needs.

By ending the stigma, we will help fight this virus together.


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