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99% of people who debate Satire either only read the headline or don’t understand it

Jun 10, 2021

by Ejaz Khan  

As the winter coldness takes temporary residence in South Africa, many are left searching for answers, trying to understand their purpose within society.
Those that are helpful, will lend a helping hand. Those who only seek to sow disunity, will actively search for like minded fighters to join their side. But the average Joe just tries to survive from one day to the next, fighting the rising cost of living.

South Africa is a country that has growing infrastructure issues, compounded by the rising informal settlements that many towns were told would be dealt with.
Thus far, hardly anything is being done.
Tax paying citizens watch as globes from light poles get stolen, illegal connections running across main roads where kids are now playing too… makes you wonder just how far the politicians went to stay in power. What exactly did they promise the poor to create this situation?

At any given time, If not hamstrung by the constant electricity issues, one will hear of a water crisis here or internet connectivity problems, there.

And during a Pandemic, the vaccine rollout, whilst finally on the ground, is not moving at the pace required to gain herd immunity in the near future, which would be the best way to finally moving towards Pre-Covid normality, which right now feels impossible.
To make matters worse, reports of hundreds of Millions of Covid funds being stolen that should be going towards helping fellow South Africans  in these most trying times, finds it’s way to already wealthy hands. Greed, it would seem, is a bottomless pit.

The total lack of accountability and overall devilish hunger to constantly clean the coffers leave South Africans wondering, when will it all stop?

There is no light at the end of the tunnel, because that too was either stolen or the Tenderpreneur has run off with the money without installing it yet.

 * This article is a serious one. The only humour in this piece is the last line.


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