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The Palestine Report

Sameera Casmod |
27 November 2023 | 11:20 CAT
3-min read

Today marks the last day of the four-day temporary truce in Gaza. In the Palestine Report on Radio Islam International, Moulana Ebrahim Moosa discussed the ceasefire, which included the release of Palestinian hostages and Israeli detainees, as well as the entry of humanitarian aid into the strip. Despite challenges, the truce remains intact.

Moulana Moosa discussed Israeli violations. “It’s continued surveillance in times that it was supposed to cut that off. Aid not reaching the north of the Gaza Strip as desired and actually shooting at Palestinians who tried to cross from the south to the north and resulting in some of their deaths as well.”

He emphasised the significance of this time for Gazans, which is being used to bury the casualties, recovering bodies from beneath rubble and trying to get water and gas for cooking. He quoted a Palestinian who said “For the People of Gaza, the truce has only afforded [us] the chance to fully comprehend what [we’ve] gone through, and only today we’ve realised that so many of our relatives are gone, and only today do we feel the presence of death.”

The release of Israeli prisoners of war was acknowledged, with reports indicating their good condition. Moulana Moosa noted, “From the Hamas side, from all that we’ve seen, they’ve handled this professionally and in a dignified way.”

Israeli media’s close supervision of interviews suggested a cautious approach, with the report stating, “Those released Israeli prisoners are not going to be banned from giving media interviews, but they are expected to give interviews if they do under close supervision, and they will be instructed on what is true to tell the media and what is not …”

The unequal treatment of Israeli detainees and Palestinian captives came into focus, exposing the longstanding imbalance in the conflict. Moulana Moosa emphasised the common sentiment among released Palestinians, stating, “It is a moment of celebration, but they have to mute their celebrations because this comes on the back of the genocide that is occurring in the Gaza Strip.”

The location of the prisoner release in Gaza City challenged Israeli claims of operational control, questioning the success of their military operations. Moulana Moosa stated, “This occurred in the middle of Gaza City. This is an area that the Israelis have claimed that they have operational control over.”

As the temporary ceasefire concludes, the prospects for extension face uncertainty, with Hamas expressing willingness, but conditions must be met. Moulana Moosa noted, “Hamas has indicated that it’s willing to extend the truce, but obviously with conditions that it is satisfied with.”

The interview delved into the lack of clarity on post-ceasefire plans, raising questions about the future governance of Gaza, handling of weapons, and border mechanisms. Diplomatic circles hinted at the US seeking a long-term arrangement, but details remain elusive.

Shifting focus to local boycott developments, Woolworths’ removal of Israeli products stirred controversy. While some, like Africa for Palestine announced that the Woolworths boycott is over, the move prompted the local Jewish community to reconsider their support of Woolworths. Instances of selling shares in protest were documented.

“Woolworths tried to wriggle themselves out of this, saying that their move was not a pro-Palestinian or anti-Israeli position, and we don’t boycott anyone, we don’t have any political affiliations, and don’t support any political party, organisation, or country.”

Cape Union Mart’s denial of funding to the Israeli army, conveyed in media statements, signalled potential pressure. Amid intensified anti-Israeli boycotts, a call to support targeted companies emerged from the South African Zionist Federation, advocating purchasing products from boycotted businesses.

Moulana Moosa quoted the public policy director of the SA Zionist Foundation, stating, “Instead of a boycott, all those companies that are targets of the current boycott because of support or alleged support for Israel, they should be now subjects of a ‘buycott’.” Moulana Moosa reported that Benjo Shulman is encouraging people to take photographic receipts of purchasing products from companies such as Cape Union Mart, Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream and Dischem.

This indicates that anti-Israeli boycotts are effective, and efforts to boycott Israeli products and organisations should be continued and renewed.

Listen to the Palestine Report on Sabaahul Muslim with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat.


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