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Unlocking agricultural opportunities: insights from environmentalist Yunus Mitha

Sameera Casmod |
27 November 2023 | 12:34 CAT
1-min read

Picture: Farmer’s Weekly

In an interview on Radio Islam International, green coach and environmentalist Brother Yunus Mitha discussed the vast opportunities in agriculture, particularly focusing on the potential for transformation in Africa’s farming sector. The conversation focussed on the need for a paradigm shift, empowering the youth, and the promising future of agro-processing.

Agricultural transformation for Africa’s youth

Brother Mitha emphasised the need to make agriculture an attractive option for Africa’s growing youth workforce. He stressed the importance of not only imparting modern farming skills but also critical digital skills and business acumen to foster sustainable and inclusive agricultural businesses.

“There’s a pressing need to build capacity for Africa’s youth, not just in terms of modern farming skills, but critically digital skills as well and business acumen to foster agricultural prosperity as well as economic growth,” explained Brother Mitha during the interview.

Challenges and solutions

The interview touched upon the challenges faced by South African youth, including limited access to opportunities and competition with foreign nationals. Mitha urged a shift from complaining to action, emphasising the necessity for unity among South Africans to create an environment that empowers the youth.

“What we need to do is step up to the plate, you know, and we need to up our game… and we need to assist our youth in particular,” he expressed.

A call for eco-mindfulness

Mitha advocated for a fundamental shift in thinking, proposing a move from the ego system to the eco system. He underscored the need for a new environment, emphasising eco-mindfulness over ego-mindlessness. The interview concluded with a call to engage the youth in dynamic fields like agriculture, encouraging innovation, change, and contribution.

Mitha’s insights provide a compelling perspective on the untapped potential in Africa’s agricultural sector. His vision aligns with the need for a transformative approach to agriculture, creating a sustainable and prosperous future for the continent.

Listen to the full interview on The Daily Round Up with Muallima Annisa Essack.


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