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The Palestine Report with Ebrahim Moosa

Annisa Essack |
29 May 2023 | 11:30 CAT
2 min read

Palestinians, including political parties, activists and the general citizens, celebrated Erdoğan’s win. The people reflected their appreciation of Erdoğan on the streets of Al Quds and especially in Gaza. This comes despite some decisions made by Türkiye that the Palestinians criticised. However, as per the statement from Hamas, the Palestinians are looking forward to Türkiye and Erdoğan being a new starting point in supporting the cause of the Palestinians.

Palestinian political prisoner societies say that Waleed Daqqa, renowned within the circle of Palestinian political prisoners, is said to be a thinker and authored a novel whilst incarcerated. He has also spent more than 30 years, having been incarcerated before the signing of the Oslo Accords.

He has been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and suffered a stroke due to a blood clot. He was moved to intensive care at a hospital after falling severely and later back to the infamous Ramallah prison. Itamar Ben Gvir has remarked that Daqqa should end his life in prison, but he is still being held in prison with all his challenges.

PayPal is again in the spotlight for the wilful exclusion of Palestinians, and a campaign is now being waged against it. Deen affirmed the company’s policy and explained that members of the US Congress have written to the company urging them to open up the service to Palestinians recently. This initiative is part of a broader campaign called PayPal for Palestine, launched in 2016.

However, PayPal has upheld the stance to keep the service closed to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

Listen to the full interview on Sabahul Muslim with Sulaimaan Ravat here


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