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Vacation Drives changing mindsets, soon everyone will be onboard

Ejaz Khan 

Whether it’s WhatsApp driven or just pure fear, people are genuinely afraid to travel far from work and home.
To change this mindset of irrational fear, government has been hard at work and Vacation drives have been setup across the country.

To find out why people are scared to venture out of routine, we hit the streets again to ask them why they chose to keep on the roads most traveled.

“I did my research, hundreds of people die in car accidents every festive period, so that’s why I’ve decided not to go on vacation”
– Zubair (39)

When asked how he travels to work, he replied:
“By car, but that’s different…”

Vacation drives are starting to pay dividends though… Many who went along with family members to vacation drives out of curiosity, ended up signing up.

I was anti vacation, but then I spoke to a travel agent on site at a vacation drive & saw that I could visit Drakensberg in December, and well, I’ve always wanted to chill in the mountains surrounded by greenery. By not signing up, I was losing out on life experiences, so I’ve now changed my mind”
– Amina (42)

For months I’ve been posting anti vacation videos in my family group, but now I’ve signed up for a timeshare. I feel silly for being so close minded all this time”
– Talha (53)

Also, there are some fringe groups who say vacations are haraam. They say the ingredients of sun, sea and good food should be avoided.
When approached by Leisure industry professionals to give proof for their rulings, they had no actual answers, but their followers just blindly listened even though they never got actual answers. Vacation experts are saying that would explain their constant tension and bad moods on social media.

The fact of the matter is that the sooner everyone comes around to a pro Vacation mindset, the quicker things may go back to normal. The world will move again, and everyone will begin to relax their now drained, overworked minds.

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* This article is purely humour based. Little or no facts were used in the writing of this piece.


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