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Behind the Kitchen Walls – Her sanctity, her listener, her keeper of secrets – By Mumtaz Moosa


Taskeen and Adaam did such a wonderful thing for the muadhin and their families. It touched me and has spurred me to want to do better for myself and to help others.

I enjoyed being part of the party instead of watching from afar too. It was lovely to hear about these sisters’ struggles. We have much in common, especially regarding family, children, and food.

Most importantly, I liked the sisterhood and unity among those sisters. It made me realise my faults, like looking down upon them because I thought I was better than them. I have much to learn, so returning to madrassah may be a good idea.

The following day I awoke feeling energised, with a strong sense of belonging and a great need to connect with my Creator. I prayed fervently to Allah to allow me to influence Mama Joyce and hopefully lead her to Islam. She may not be my biological mother, but I want to walk with her in Jannah, in sha Allah.

I found her at the shop, and she smiled widely at seeing me.

“Mina, you are my baby, and I would like to stay with you no matter what, but I am the maid, and you are the boss. There is a line we cannot cross,” she said sadly.  

I pulled her close and told her I did not care what anyone said. She had given me the best years of my life, stayed with me, left her children behind, and lived sorrowfully. After much discussion, Joyce accepted the offer.

Soon, we were chatting about remodelling the cottage for her, and Mama Joyce was soon caught up in my excitement. We had so much to do; the best was that we would do it together, just like when I was younger.

But, we both realised that our happiness would be short-lived as we had yet to break the news to my mother. But we will move ahead with dua and firm faith in Almighty Allah.


Abu Dawood (5164) narrated that ‘Abdullah ibn’ Umar said: A man came to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and said: O Messenger of Allah, how often should I forgive a servant? And he remained silent, then repeated the words, and he remained silent. The third time he said: “Forgive him seventy times each day.”


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