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Behind the Kitchen Walls – Her sanctity, her listener, her keeper of secrets – By Mumtaz Moosa


“Taskeen, why don’t you stand up to my mother? You slogged, and I was given credit,” Amina asked Taskeen, exasperated.”

Amina, according to Islam, I have no obligation towards your parents; Adaam has to honour them, and it is up to me to protect the sacred bonds of the family. I don’t know why you are so upset. It doesn’t matter who received the credit, as I did it for the pleasure of Allah, not because I had to or was told to. I chose to,” Taskeen responded gently.

“Your mother, Amina, is set in her ways. I will be enemy number one if she thinks about the past, and it is what it is. She used to get to me, but now I’ve learnt to be patient and pray to Allah to soften her heart toward me,” Taskeen replied calmly.

Before the conversation could go further, Taskeen reminded me it was time for her Dhor and that I needed to listen to her. I admired how she changed the subject when she realised we had talked in vain.

As she recited the Quran, I cried; the verses touched my soul, giving me goosebumps. I couldn’t understand why or where this was coming from. She smiled and continued reciting, and as she did, I felt nausea creep up on me and had to escape to the bathroom.

Taskeen showed concern as she inquired about me. Her smile was gentle as she remarked nonchalantly that maybe I was with a child. The thought made me smile, but I refused to get my hope up.  

I returned home feeling sad and down. My sympathetic and understanding husband embraced me and held me close, shielding me from the world. He waited for me to explain patiently. After pouring my heart out, he held my hands, kissed my forehead and said he would love me whether I could have children or not.

“Whatever happens, it is from Allah, and I accept that,” he said tenderly.

I asked him if he would take a second wife. He responded with a smile, “What if I am the one with the inability to father a child? Let’s find out before we make drastic decisions.”  

We remained in each other’s arms, sharing our pain and praying that Allah would soon answer our dua for a child. We were content with each other and would face the world united.


To Allah belongs the Kingdom of Heaven and the Earth. He creates what He wills. He bestows female (offspring) upon whom He wills and bestows male (offspring) upon whom He wills.

Or He bestows both males and females and renders barren whom He wills. Verily, He is the All-Knower and is Able to do all things. [al-Shoora 42:49-50]


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