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Behind the Kitchen Walls – Her sanctity, her listener, her keeper of secrets – By Mumtaz Moosa


Sabera almost suffered a heart attack when she learned that Joyce was to move in with Amina as soon as she retired.

Joyce was overjoyed as she chose the furniture for her tiny home. For the first time, she felt the freedom of waking up in a new home decorated as she had wanted.

Her children visited and were surprised that Amina had been so generous and kind to their mother. Amina spoke about the value of a mother in Islam, and for the first time in over twenty years, Joyce showed an interest

Sindisiwe, during the remainder of Ramadan, had attempted her first fast, and she was so happy that she was successful. She attended madrassah classes with Taskeen and was soon finding out about Islam. With her workload lessened, Sindisiwe enrolled for a teaching degree.

Amina found out she was pregnant at the end of Ramadan, which made Sabera so happy she changed her attitude toward Taskeen, becoming more accepting and accommodating.

These are some issues the Ummah faces today, and as we come to the end of the blessed month, let us ask ourselves if we have improved or changed our ways for the better.

Will our kitchen walls attest to our sins or the ibadah and dua we made? Will they echo the conflicts and strife within the walls, or would they whisper about the joys and blessings we received?

Would your walls speak about the kindness and dawah given to your helper, or will your walls call you an enslaver?

Our walls cannot judge us, but we should remember that Allah sees, hears, and knows everything, even beyond the walls.

Have a blessed Ramadan and a joyous Eidun Sa’eed, and keep us at Radio Islam in your dua. Taqaballhu mina wa minkum.


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