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Classic poytjie



Quick and easy way

This is a Indian style poytjie

1 will work on a 1 kg basic recipe
1 kg of boney lamb or beef
Trimmed and cut to equal sized pieces
1 kg vegetables of choice including potatoes
Or more if u like..u can buy the roasted veg pack or ready poytjie mix beans..onion..sweet potato..butternut..peas

3 large tomatoes chopped
1 can of tomatoes with herbs
Few whole green chillies
2 cups of fried vagaar onions/fired onions
Half cup of ghee
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
2 tsp crushed garlic
2 tsp chilli masala paste..optional
2 tblsp lemon juice or vinegar
3 tsp of mixed masala I used Packo..or Rajah
1 full tsp tumeric
1 tsp crushed red chillies
2 tsp dhana jeeraa powder
1 tsp pepper
3 tsp aromat..or salt to taste
Handful of curry leaves
2 tsp tomato paste
Marinate the meat and set aside

The vegetables I steam in a pot separately. And set aside Potatoes can be cooked separately depending how long they take to cook. So heat up the pot ..the way to regulate your heat is to add or remove hot coals from under the pot. Add in the marinated meat with the ghee. Braise for a while..making sure u mix regularly. To avoid scorching the bottom. Close and allow to cook in the juices that the meat releases. When the water burns out add in boiling water. About 1 litre and leave to cook and simmer. Check if the meat is tender. Then add in the chopped tomatoes and 1 can of tomato. Leave to cook till tomato water burns out. At this stage u adjust salt and spices. The vegetables have been steamed but are still crunchy..use just enough water to steam. Add this to the meat and top up with 1 litre of water..leave to cook for 15 minutes. Careful not to scorch..and mixing very gently to avoid mushy vegetables. Throw in the whole green chillies. Garnish with dhania and shallots. Serve with savoury rice or Rolls



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