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Programme Summary – Screaming Reels

Mar 23, 2017

Radio Islam Programming  – 23 March 2017

Moulana Sajjaad Timol hosts the Screaming Reels programme with Adil Mungalee on Saturday mornings between 8 and 9am.

The award-winning fishing and outdoor programme has a variety of features that will awaken the outdoor junkie within you. From fishing tips to wildlife discussions, it has something for all our listeners. The presenters, and guests, put forward the content in a humorous and entertaining manner. With each guest contribution coming in from a different angle, the programme moves smoothly throughout the hour. During the fishing off-season, the discussion moves onto the different aspects of wildlife and hunting.

In the latest episode, the team focused on the different dynamics of owning and operating a motor boat. Interesting tips were shared as far as maintenance is concerned. The guest also mentioned some DIY tips to keep the boat in perfect working order during the off-peak fishing season. Different engines were discussed as well as the outer shell of a motor boat. An episode worth listening to, especially for those interested in purchasing or experiencing the ride of a motor boat. They also spoke about the rising water levels in various dams across Southern Africa that seems like a mouth-watering desert to the fishing fundi. 

“…In Zimbabwe, the water levels has risen quite a bit, and for me that’s like bells ringing in my ears…”

“Start your motor at least once a month…so many boats didn’t start when in the water because it was left for six months without  being started”


As the Screaming Reels team always says…

“Born to fish, forced to work!”

Cast your rod and catch the team on Saturday mornings, 8 – 9am.

Listen to the latest episode here.

Listen to previous programmes here.


Prime Spot!!!


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