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Programme Summary – Tafseer with Ml Zahier Ragie

Mar 22, 2017

Radio Islam programming – 22 March 2017

Moulana Zahier Ragie, hosted by Moulana Muhammad Bham, is currently discussing the Tafseer of Surah Kahf on Wednesday mornings 9 – 10am.

In the latest programme, Moulana Raggie discussed verse 62 – 65 of Surah Kahf. Moulana went deep into the hidden messages that Allah gives us in the Quraan. He spoke of the Journey of Moosa A.S. and Yousha A.S. Yousha A.S. being a youngster, took the role of a student in front of Moosa A.S. Moulana explains how these few verses act as a lesson for students and teachers. Yousha A.S., due to humility and respect, takes full blame for an error that occurred during the journey. This is due to the fact that Moosa A.S. was his senior. On the other hand, Moosa A.S., as a teacher and senior, deals with the youngster in an honourable and merciful fashion. Moulana also mentions the importance and virtue of pursuing knowledge and the intricate yet eloquent manner in which Allah has revealed the Quraan. Mention is also made of the deception of Shaytaan.

Moulana Muhammad Bham, the host of the programme, said: “The Ummah has become negligent with regard to this very important Surah in understanding its meaning and hidden secrets. This programme enlightens us and presents solutions to many of the problems that the Ummah is facing today.”


“Just because you are determined does not mean you should become obsessive. When you become obsessive, you start overlooking your basic needs.”


“When you run towards knowledge ( Like Moosa A.S.), Allah will open miraculous doors for you.”


“(Yousha A.S. teaches us) When someone is in a position of a student, just because they are speaking the truth does not mean they can be disrespectful.”



Catch the programme, Wednesday mornings, 9 – 10am.

Listen to the podcast here

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